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Your Go-To Clinic for Functional, Holistic Healthcare and Medicine VIP Medical Services Offered

If you’re searching for a healthcare facility that offers  holistic and functional health services as well as Western medicine, look no further than The Fatigue Clinic - Collierville Holistic Health. We are the longest practicing medical provider in the Collierville, TN area that focuses on both traditional and alternative medicine. Our combined approach to medicine allows us to provide our patients with greater quality of care. Call us and schedule an appointment today!

Our Philosophy

Our clinic was created out of a rebellious spirit. We saw the need for a healthcare facility that refused to bend to the demands of modern medicine. This path was decades in the making. Our founder had been nurturing this idea since her first emergency medical position until her last APN position. Through a combination of Western and holistic medicine, she aimed to improve the quality of life of the individuals that trusted her with their care.

To this day, we continue practicing our founder’s philosophy for the clinic. We strive to maintain a healthy, creative work environment. Our team respects diversity and promotes quality healthcare and services. We value the characteristics that each team member possesses.

Also, we promote trust, integrity, commitment, and an overall desire to improve the quality of life of other souls. We believe that the return on the investment in an individual’s health will lead to improved family dynamics, enhanced overall well-being, and a chance to impact the next generation’s health.

Organic Products

Our founder, Susan, is certified in Herbalism. This is why we can make organic and natural soaps, lotions, scrubs, and teas. Each of our products can help enhance one’s health and well-being. If you need an item that we do not currently offer, tell us about it and we’ll strive to have it custom-made for you.

What We Offer

You can come to our clinic for traditional medical services, such as:

Cardiology, Rheumatology Services & Infusion Services

Physical /Sports/ State Exams

Aesthetic Services & Monthly Membership Club

VIP Medical Plans, Weight Loss Programs & Testosterone Replacement Programs

We also offer alternative care, including:

  • 23 and Me Interpretation and Education
  • Functional Medicine Lab Testing
  • Environment/Chemical Exposure Testing
  • Food Sensitivity Testing and Education
  • Boston Cleveland Genetic Testing for Cardiovascular Risk
  • Metagenics Products - Online Store -
  • Amare Products - Online Store -
  • Lyme Testing
  • Medical VIP Packages
  • Spa VIP Packages
  • Herbal Solutions/Pain Lotion
  • Holistic Pain Management
  • Holistic Skin Care
  • Individualized Detox Programs
  • Metabolic and Digestive Dysfunction
  • Preventive Medicine VIP Packages
  • Organic Soaps & Lotions
  • Organic Teas for Detox, Sleep and Cold and Flu
  • Weight Loss VIP Packages
  • Mens Health VIP Packages

Important Reminder

Before you visit our clinic, make sure to download and fill out your new patient information form. We will not be able to accommodate you unless you send us the completed form at least three days before your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Insurance Plans Do You Accept?

At the moment, we accept Cigna, Blue Cross, United Health Care, Aetna and some Medicare plans. We do not accept Medicaid, TN Care, or other insurance plans. Our facility is a cash-based clinic and we offer VIP Medical Membership. 

Why Do I Need to Send My Paperwork Prior to My Visit?

Our goal is to take care of you as soon as you arrive. To ensure that we can accommodate you in a quick and hassle-free manner, we prepare your chart prior to your arrival. As much as possible, we would like our clinic time to focus on face-to-face interactions. During the other three days of the week when we don’t see patients, we work on charts, review old records, follow up with outpatient testing, and take care of other patient requirements.

What Happens If I’m Running Late for My Appointment?

Due to the way our clinic is scheduled, it is vital that you arrive at your appointment on time. However, if you really can’t make it on time, please call our clinic staff. We will attempt to adjust our clinic schedule or set your appointment to another date or time.

How Is My Cost Calculated?

The overall cost of your visit will depend on the resources you use, and the payment must be made at the time the services are rendered. Resources include all associates in the clinic (such as the EMT, RN, MA, and provider) as well as your needed treatments (like holistic sessions for pain or services that address your other complaints and concerns). Each staff member and healthcare provider who meets with you plays a role in your care. We work together as a team to complete all patient-related tasks and responsibilities.

Do You Answer Your Phone?

If we don’t answer your call, it means that we are with patients. During clinic days, we place our focus on the patients who have already set appointments for that day. However, if you leave us a detailed message, we’ll make sure to return your call by the day’s end. In your message, please include the spelling of your name, your date of birth, your callback number, and some details about why you wish to visit our clinic. We have more than 2,000 patients, and we want to ensure that we call the right one back. So, don’t forget to send us your important information when you make the call.

Can I Email You?

Yes, we can answer short questions and requests via email. We usually answer patient emails after hours. All of our associates answer emails when they can, and most of your medical concerns will be addressed by the RN or the provider. However, bear in mind that we cannot answer long questions and more complex concerns. When you email us, please include a subject line.

How Will I Get My Lab Results?

We have a system that allows patients to log in and view their lab results. However, you cannot do this until the provider has reviewed the lab results and released them on the site. If your test results show that there are health concerns that need to be addressed, the RN or provider will reach out to you (via phone or email) with instructions and a plan of care.

Will Insurance Cover My Lab and Outpatient Testing?

Most insurance coverage plans include lab and outpatient testing. Make sure to check with your carrier to be sure.

Will You Fill Out My Disability Paperwork?

No, we do not fill out disability paperwork or other lengthy documents. There are many reasons why we do not do this. Contact us to find out more.

Reviews From Our Clients

“I highly recommend Susan and Fatique Clinic! They helped me walk through the beginnings of understanding how to get my life back on to a healthy and happy track about 5 years when I first learned about my health issues! Very knowledgeable, very caring!”

Jodi Theodore Latimer

“Susan Earl is different! Different than any doctor I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t bandaid symptoms, she works until she gets to the root of the problem. She’s upfront and lays it out where you can understand what’s going on. I’ve been seeing her for many, many years now and will continue to put my health needs in her hands...all the way from Tupelo!”

Vicki Schwan

“The pain lotion you created Susan Davis Earl is fabulousooooo!!! Worked at the flower shop all day yesterday and last night my shoulder thanked you!!”

Shelly Teague Barnes

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