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Medical plans and packages are within your reach.

Traditional Medical Services

  • Cardiology Services
  • Pain Management Treatments
  • IV Antibiotic's and Hydration
  • Urgent Care such as suturing/minor medical needs and sinus injections
  • Rheumatology Services
  • Wellness Physical Exams such as annual, sports, state and job required exams
  • Internal/Primary Care Needs such has hypertension, metabolic syndrome and other traditional primary care needs
  • COVID Care

Alternative Care includes the longest standing Alternative Medicine IV Infusion room in the Collierville area!

Wellness Plan                                                                                                $45/mt                                                                                                              Free injection of B12, glutathione                                                        10% off all Functional Medicine Treatments                                        10% of selected infusions                                                                                No commitment required

Preventive Plan                                                                                  $85/mt                                                                                                        Free injection of B12, glutathione, MICC                                              10% Discount on all Functional Medicine Treatments                            10% Discount on selected intravenous                                                10% Discount on selected Infusions                                                    10% Discount on all supplements                                                  Discount on all Functional Medicine diagnostic testing             Requires a  90 day commitment                                       

Concierge Program                                                                                  $175 mt                                                                                                       Free B12 monthly                                                                                     20% Discount on all Functional medicine treatments                      20% Discount on selected injections                                                          20% Discount on selected Infusions                                                    20% Discount on all supplements                                                          20% Discount on all Functional Medicine diagnostic                    Annual  EKG                                                                                            Annual Physical and lab                                                                    Annual prevention and wellness visit to identify risk and prevention of disease                                                                                             Annual Nutritional Evaluation and custom designed program         Annual Supplement Review and custom designed program            Same day appointments with no waiting                                            Requires a one-year commitment

Integrated Functional Medicine Care is NOT covered by insurance

  • Genetics and Reports
  • Nutritional Education/Journals
  • Functional Medicine Lab testing ( ex OAT, Food intolerance, Mold and heavy metal
  • Development of Plan of Care based on Herbal Medicine
  • Review of past Functional Medicine records
  • Doctors without Boarders Protocols ( Ivermectin)
  • Holistic and Herbal Treatment of any disease or illness
  • COVID Care based on Alternative Medicine

Skin is the largest organ you have. We offer professional skin care and a make up artist available by after hours appointment only. Call 221-8621 and ask for Eve.

Alternative Medicine Sessions

Salt Room Session ($40 for a 30-Minute Session)

If you’re looking for a way to relax and unwind, try our salt room sessions. For 30 minutes, you will get to rest in an environment filled with healing salts and essential oils. One session can help you decrease your stress and open up your respiratory system.

BioMat Session ($40 for a 30-Minute Session)

Decrease pain and inflammation with our BioMat sessions. In this FDA-approved procedure, you will lie on a bed of amethyst and tourmaline that reach up to 158 degrees of infrared heat. The amethyst crystals will elongate and amplify the natural wavelength of the far infrared rays. They will then penetrate up to seven inches deep into the body. The crystals offer the most consistent and powerful delivery of far infrared light waves, and they have ionic effects on the human body.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Session ($40 for a 30-Minute Session)

During this FDA-approved session, you will be exposed to magnetic fields, which cause or increase ion and electrolyte motion in the tissues and fluids of the body. The movement will trigger various chemical, mechanical, and electric actions in the body.

BioAcoustic Mat Therapy ($45 for 30-Minute Session)

Vibroacoustic expert, Dr. Lee R. Bartel, has created 12 therapeutic tracks that range from digital instruments to soothing nature sounds. These scientifically developed tracks are created in the Delta, Alpha, Beta or Gamma wavelengths for brain entrainment. Brain entrainment occurs when one rhythm is affected and synchronizes with another rhythm, bringing the two in harmony. Because we know the specific frequencies of our brain waves and their associated mental and emotional states, science can be used to derive a desired state via entrainment.

Dual Biomat Therapy Session with Professional and Mini ( $65 for 30-Minute Session)

IV Infusions designed to meet your needs (Price varies)

Touch of Herbs and Beyond

The clinic prepares handcrafted herbal teas, lotions, scrubs and much more. The FDA will not endourse such natural medicine and thus no claim can be made. The products are developed based on herbal and earth medicine research. They can be found in the clinic and soon on the online store.